Historic Royal Palaces

Royal Escapes

Younger people are not really interested in Historic Royal Palaces and have quite a large option of charities to choose from.

How to increase the stream of people on the grounds and the donations?

Gen Z and Y are more willing to give their money when feel they are getting something for their contribution.

Playing games is in our DNA.

The solution is the creation of Escape Rooms on Royal grouds!

A pop-up space will be built on the grounds of the sites replicating the style and era of each story & palace.

Teams that get to escape on time, will get a discount voucher of 15% off the tour ticket of any of the sites of HRP they want to visit as well as get an exclusive digital badge FB photo frame they can put on their social media.

At the end of this limited pop-up experience the team that has escaped with the best time, will get as a reward a membership. Creating potential new visitors onsight. The rooms will also be added on websites about escape rooms for people who already are fans of the escape room experience.

Press release for local news outlets letting them know of the charity’s initiative and new pop-up experience to create organic awareness and exposure.

The initiative will be promoted on their website as well as on pages dedicated to Escape Rooms.

People who go on the HRP tours, have the chance to get a 15% discount on the Escape Rooms by collecting “hidden” QR codes during their tour on a digital “loyalty card” when all of their stamps are collected.

The gamemaster in the form of a digital painting/hologram will be present to give tips and help if needed to players during the game. 

Instagram teaser posts before opening week.

Players will also create organic content after their visit as they usually do at escape rooms.

Players will also create organic content after their visit as they usually do at escape rooms.

Fb frames and badges for those who escape the rooms.

Adshells and/or  Tsidebus ads could also be used if budget allows for OOH exposure. 

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