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New horizions await - no translation required


In UK schools many students give up on languages completely at 14. They are mostly monolingual and rank the lowest scores in Europe at languages in reading, writing, and listening.


When visiting non-English-speaking lands, young pupils and teens get lost in translation and the local language sounds like Animalese, the language of Animal Crossing New Horizons villagers.


Duolingo introduces the unique “Animalese” dictionary on its platform, driving AC gamers to language learning.

animalise new language on duolingo.png
duolingo animalise stories.png

The initiative would largely be announced by news headlines, gaming press, YouTubers, and Twitch streamers. That would generate huge traffic to the platform.

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Screenshot 2020-08-11 at 13.44.15.png

Animal Crossing fans will be driven to Duolingo by the opportunity to learn “Animalese”. They would try Duolingo’s fun way of learning languages and its engaging challenges.


Duo, the official mascot of Duolingo, is the best villager to guide you through all lands.
Online banners will target Animal Crossing gamers on YouTube and Nintendolife, to reinforce the campaign: “New horizons await - no translation required”.

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