Call of Cleaning Duty


PROBLEM Homecare generates more than 29 billion plastic containers each year. Typical cleaning brands sell you 90% water and involving 12x trucks more than a concentrated solution.


INSIGHT Young people care about the environment. Uni students in quarantine, will dedicate more time to cleaning, although they will be unable to shop for supplies.


IDEA An Ocean Saver starting kit left to quarantined students' door will turn cleaning into gaming, with dedicated filters on Ocean Saver's Instagram.

Ocean Saver will target the dorm of the 160 Glaswegian students in quarantine, providing them with a "fighting pack" and letter. Different colour kits will feature a different cleaning product.

Dedicated OceanSaverFight AR filters for Instagram (67% of users are 19-27) will transform students into OS Fighters for the Call of Cleaning duty.

OC welcome pack.jpg
filter warrior.jpg