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Let's scrap the crap!

I took inspiration from a great article by a dear former colleague of mine on the recent #blacklivesmatter movement, to express some of my thoughts regarding many stands taken from businesses on social media. Black lives matter, and that should be obvious, there should be no need to say it or having companies acknowledging it on Instagram.

Thank you to all the agencies that posted a black post on their social media. Is this how we change the world? Tell me, you are the experts. Of course, we must create conversation, shake consciences, and take a stand. But do we always have to wait for someone to die? Saying black lives matter when everyone says it seems to me like safeguarding your business by lining up in perfect competition. Or how to raise a flag when others raise it. Too easy I would say. And even a little useless, let me say. It's time for businesses to be useful, not just smart and inspiring. The world needs fewer stances and more concrete facts.

We are still here, witnesses of humanity that continue to always make the same mistakes, in varied forms of hate, a species that does not learn and evolves from its mistakes. But also a society that lives and grows on the hypocrisy of positions taken without starting actions. Or action is taken when it is too late.

Look inside yourself, business owners, business managers, creatives, recruiters, I'm not necessarily just talking about race, I'm talking about discrimination in general.

Companies that support black lives matter, look at your company's LinkedIn profiles, is the diversity that your support reflected in your choice of staff? Recruiters, would you give an opportunity to those who come from such a different culture, and have a strange accent? Or would you interview someone who has a zig-zag professional path because maybe life for him was not so easy or would you discard it because the CV does not follow the perfect path? Creative directors while talking a lot about mental health, do you acknowledge who contacts you or do you ignore their messages because you are too busy to reply to someone that is no one?

So let's all stop embellishing our social profiles and start curing our personalities as social human beings. And let's all stop putting a nice facade on something that is concretely rotten.

Let's scrap the crap.

Let's start to look at everyone around us as people like us, stripped of the differences of race, nationality, hierarchy, social position, age, and sex. And look only at the essence of the person in front of you. If you want to judge a person, do it on their behaviour, without stopping at what you see with your eyes.

By doing that there will be no more need of supporting fundamental rights that should have never been put into discussion. And let's be nice to human beings, that life is already difficult without morons ruining your day.

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