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So your past isn't left behind

Ryanair started introducing customer retention schemes but its customers don’t feel emotionally connected.

Students and professionals living abroad search for the cheapest options to get home more often, even just for a few days. 

We created a Ryanair seasonal pass to get you home more often.


Ryanair customers flying regularly to a fixed destination are targeted on the Ryanair website but also on flight browsers. The campaign is reinforced in December when students and professionals living abroad are homesick and willing to get home more often the next year. Ryanair Seasonal Pass is the perfect Christmas gift for the receiver, and for who gets their visits more often. So the past isn't left behind.


Like booking a flight, the option to get a Seasonal Pass appears on Ryanair's search, just a few steps and you get your pass.

ryanair seasonal pass

New product included as an extension of the website options.


Posters were displayed in airports and on paid banners targeted users on social media and flight browsers websites.

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TV and online promotional video

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