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Campaign: Victory in your pocket

Brand: Udinese Football Club

Hundreds of disposable glasses of beer are wasted every Sunday at the Dacia Arena, as well as other football stadiums.

Sustainability can be the next challenge to winning over other teams.

Udinese Football club introduced a seasonal ticket integrated into a foldable cup. Their supporters will never forget to bring it with them to the match. The cup will take over the disposable cups and reduce waste significantly. The most important victory is in their pocket!


Seasonal supporters will scan their pocket-size cups to enter the stadium.

cup new.jpg


Every drink poured will be accounted for on the personal card. 

Supporters will be entitled to get a free drink for every 20 cups saved.


To motivate the hosted team supporters, there will be a reusable and foldable unbranded cup to purchase, that will be counted too, to measure their contribution and create an ethical competition among supporters.


At the end of the match, the total amount of disposable cups saved will be shown on the big screen.

Screenshot 2020-08-17 at 22.08.18.png
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