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Campaign: The Unlabelled Price

Brand: Good On You

51 countries use child labor in their supply chain.

8000L are needed to produce a single pair of jeans.

It takes 200 years for a polyester jumper to decompose.

Fast fashion has a hidden cost the customer doesn't pay for!

Good On You" rates brands on their impact on people, the planet, and animals to show their users the real cost of clothing.

They want to raise awareness of their rating system, and ultimately, change people's behavior.  

To raise awareness of the fast fashion unlabelled price, a fake pop-up store on the high street will unveil what's behind the cheap prices of fast fashion.


Dedicated areas of the pop-up store: the consequences on labour, resources and environment.

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Banners on social media will target fast fashion customers. Advertising cheap garments of a fictional new brand, the banner will lead to a virtual visit of the pop-up store replica.  The final call to action will redirect to "Good on you" website.

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