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I post, therefore I am

We are all connected in this "social" world where people tweet, screens send you pokes, romances start with a slide right and our photo albums are on everyone's shelves. Let me say two words on social media and the effects of their widespread use on society.

I think social networks have a relationship inversely proportional to socialisation and individual happiness. We build ourselves, instead of knowing ourselves. We live to show, we don't live to do, We take pictures to share, not to remember. We smile for the camera, not for a person. We tag people on our wall, we don't mail them. We kill times on our phone, we don't daydream. We envy other's lives, we don't appreciate ours. We scroll users profiles, we don't stop to read their souls. We love a profile, not a real person. We build up a mask and we live in shows, not in the reality. Or maybe is this, the new reality?

I am part of the generation of millennials, my adolescence was lived with a poor internet connection, to be used sparingly because it was dear and to use it I had to disconnect my landline. I communicated with my best friends by calling them on the phone or sending encoded text messages to avoid exceeding the maximum number of characters and save cents. I was a shy girl but indifferent to people's judgments. I joined Facebook when I was a 23 year old exchange student and all the events were advertised on social media. Now to stay in touch with the world, I'm still on social media. But I am puzzled and frustrated when I see selfies with a fish mouth, couples always happy and dressed in matching clothes, plates with delicious food and people with perfect hair at all time. Am I the only one who fell from the Olympus? Nah, the world isn't perfect and people either! But young people sometimes forget that only the best things are displayed in the shop windows, that those wearing the clothes are fake mannequins and, many times, you don't know its real price. A bit like the neighbour's grass, which is always greener.

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